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Decision Day for Egypt

Egypt (MNN) — Egypt is seething. Millions of protesters are calling for President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster. The army is threatening to step in. Spokesman with the Voice of the Martyrs Todd Nettleton says the question on everyone’s mind is: “At this point, we look to the future and I think everybody wonders, ‘How does this end?'” Six high level cabinet members quit and the constitution could be tossed out, too. More people signed a petition to get rid of Morsi than those who elected him into office. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to hold on to power. But anything could happen in the next few days. A new chapter of Egypt’s history is being written now. What can you do? “Pray for the protection of our Christian brothers and sisters. With all of this upheaval going on, there can be cases where Christians are specifically targeted using the unrest as a cover for attacking Christians.” Gospel interest is growing, too. A silver lining? “Pray that out of this, God will bring about something that is good for the Church.”

Full story: http://www.MNNonline.org/article/18718

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New regime responds to protests with force in Russia

Russia (MNN) — After three months of peaceful anti-Putin protests, police hauled away more than 500 people who were part of unsanctioned protests this week. Protestors accused Vladimir Putin of stealing Russia’s presidential election and demanded his resignation. Sergey Rakhuba with Russian Ministries says, “It’s not clear where President Putin will take the direction: either more liberal and flexible approach in terms of internal politics and foreign politics, or he will be more strict than ever before.” With that uncertainty, the reality is that believers could be running into opposition in the near future. However, says Rakhuba, they’re ready to be part of the solution. “Bringing the Gospel to those people, especially the young generation, is still bigger than ever before. We always appreciate our partners in ministry continuing to pushing those initiatives. We agree to train, mobilize young people, provide resources, and they will bring the transformational change.”
Full story: http://www.MNNonline.org/article/16909

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