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France’s Tottery Effort to Reverse Creeping Islamization

“Muslim immigrants will find it more difficult to obtain French citizenship from now on.

New citizenship rules that entered into effect on January 1, 2012 will require all applicants to pass exams on French culture and history and also to prove that their French language skills are equivalent to those of a 15-year-old native speaker. Moreover, candidates seeking French citizenship will be required to pledge allegiance to “French values.”

The new measures — drawn up by Interior Minister Claude Guéant — are part of a concerted effort by the French government to push back against the Islamization of France.

Muslim applicants make up the majority of the 100,000 people who are naturalized as French citizens each year; there is also rising frustration that the country’s estimated 6.5 million Muslims are not integrating into French society…” Full article here

Source : http://www.stonegateinstitute.org

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