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How a Greek departure from the Euro Zone could be beneficial

Greece (MNN) — The world is holding its breath to see whether Greece will stay or go in the Euro Zone. But the Business Division Chair at Cornerstone University Dr. Brad Stamm says a Greece exit may not be all bad. “The whole issue has caused the Euro to decline. Most people expect it could go to $1.19, maybe even $1.15 by the first of next year. In that sense, European goods become cheaper. Ministries might actually be able to operate at a lower expense.” Life might get easier in other nations without Greece’s debt hanging over the EU, too. But for those doing ministry in Greece, “Then I would expect the amount of civil unrest to increase. I would expect there to be large fluctuations in currency. And we can expect continued high unemployment and interest rates of 30% or more, which makes it virtually impossible.” Pray for ministries in Greece.
Full story: http://www.MNNonline.org/article/17324

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