America de altădată – Christian & Civil Liberty

B a r z i l a i - e n - D a n

American Minute with Bill Federer
“A loose & depraved people love laws & an administration like themselves”-William Penn, “Establish laws as shall best preserve true Christian & Civil Liberty, in opposition to all unchristian practices”

After Columbus discovered the New World, Spain grew in power to surpass Portugal as the largest global empire, giving rise the saying, the sun never set on the Spanish Empire.

From Madrid, the Spanish Holy Roman Emperor Charles V ruled territories in Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and all the way to the Philippines.

Catholic Spain was instrumental in beating back the attacks of the Muslim Ottoman Turks from taking over Europe, most notably at theBattle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571.

Rather than following up on this astounding victory and freeing the rest of the Mediterranean from Muslim control, Spain turned its attention to stemming…

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