7 Ways Putin is Playing 3D Chess While Obama is Figuring Out Checkers

B a r z i l a i - e n - D a n

Un teoretician naiv și un politician practic

Obama With Putin Funny Pictures 2 - Copy - Copy

Oh, international relations. It’s a place hostile to the naive pretensions of idealists who believe they can “change the world” with mere lofty rhetoric and a charismatic smile. Spend any time in the statesman’s chair navigating the ship of state through the murky, shark-infested waters of global disorder and one learns quickly that strength is the coin of the realm, while weakness invites mischief.

Here are 7 ways that show that Obama and Hillary’s “reset” button (comically mistranslated as an “overcharge” button) is the perfect symbol for the U.S.’ misguided and amateurish foreign policy.

1. ABM defense in Poland & Czech Republic scrapped in cave-in to Russia


“In one of the biggest national security reversals of his young presidency, Mr. Obama canceled former President George W. Bush’s plans to station a radar facility in the Czech Republic and 10 ground-based interceptors in 

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