A Radical’s Road out of Islamist Extremism


News stories about Westerners recruited into radical Islamist movements are all too plentiful. Questions regarding what to do about this trend are even more abundant. Insights into the heart of the problem remain disturbingly rare.

Shedding some light in this dark void is an extraordinary new autobiography, Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism, by Maajid Nawaz. Radical offers readers an insider’s view of recruitment into an Islamist organization, hardcore activism, and ultimately what makes departure from such a movement possible. Nawaz uses the term “Islamism” to describe a political movement. Islam, by contrast, serves as an influence which ultimately leads Nawaz out of extremism.

Maajid Nawaz was born in Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex, England to parents of Pakistani descent. He grew up in a middle-class family in a region of England where the vast majority of the population is white. During his youth, some portion of that white population wanted no part of anyone with darker skin in their midst. Racist, brutish kids in his town aggressively harassed kids with darker skin, Nawaz included…” Read the full article

Source : The Public Discourse

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