Syrian refugees top 2 million as U.S. mulls military action

MissionLebanon (MNN) — As the West mulls over a military response to Syria, refugees are surging toward any place that seems safer than home. The Lebanese government estimates they’re seeing more than 10,000 Syrians enter each day. We caught up with Jeff Palmer of Baptist Global Response in Lebanon where they’re helping refugees. “They said, ‘Nobody else is helping us. And yet, you followers of Jesus are here and helping us.’ I sat and watched our national partners give bread, give oil, give vegetables, and give some shelter, [and] also share with them verbally about the love of Jesus Christ.” BGR partners need help: find links in the FULL STORY, below. As one woman said, “‘Please tell the people of the world that we’re suffering. Please, help us. Please, help us!’ It really tore at my heart to see what kind of conditions folks are living in, and to heed their plea. I don’t think they’re concerned about factions or the political things that are there. They’re just concerned about finding food, shelter, and safe places for their families.”

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