Primăvara arabă nu se lasă bătută !

B a r z i l a i - e n - D a n

Presa condusă din umbră nu vă va arăta această realitate. Păcat, mare păcat. Frăția musulmană n-a reușit să sugrume pofta de libertate a populației. Biblia are o curiozitate profetică: Egiptul nu este menționat între țările care vor ataca Israelul. Măi să fie …

The Largest Protest in HISTORYThe BBC and CNN confirmed that yesterday was the biggest demonstration in history with more than 17 million people taking to the streets.

Today the Egyptian Armed Forces just issued a communiqué stating that it is siding with the will of the people and is giving Morsi 48 hours to respond or they will interfere.

According to BBC News report Protests against Muslim Brotherhood Government are “Largest Protest in history of Egypt”. Egypt Interior Ministry reports says about 14-17 Million People are on streets.

{Scott Dro}

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