Cynicism greets North Korea’s New Year speech

North Korea (MNN) — In an historic New Year’s address, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un told the nation he planned to tackle the economy, improve relations with South Korea, and more. Todd Nettleton with the Voice of the Martyrs says the usual venomous rhetoric was missing from the address, but can Kim be believed? “Talk is cheap. We will wait to see what the actions are that come behind the words and show that the North Korean government is serious about doing things differently in the future.” VOM will continue to support the persecuted church, through radio and Gospel balloons. So far, being a Christian in North Korea is still a deadly proposition. You can help. Aside from giving, “We need to pray for the Christians in both countries–I think, particularly, for the Christians of North Korea. We know they suffer greatly because of their faith, so it’s important–whatever direction things go at the governmental level–that we pray for our brothers and sisters who live in North Korea.”

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