Number of deaths, refugees increase since Syria’s ceasefire

Syria (MNN) — Syria agreed to a ceasefire nearly two weeks ago. U.N. observers have been in the country for over a week. Yet violence has only escalated. Close to 60 people were killed in clashes on Monday, and a car bomb wounded three in Damascus yesterday. Jeff Palmer with Baptist Global Response says, “The number of refugees, the number of needs in the country, and those pouring out of the country, they’re just constantly growing. Whatever ceasefire, whatever agreements are in place is not slowing down the carnage that’s happening.” Since no one can help with humanitarian aid in Syria, BGR is helping refugees in bordering nations. Needs are growing daily. “We just approved another project of assistance. We’re helping with things like food packages, hygiene projects, clothing, diapers, and baby care.” Their partners are trying to assist thousands physically while witnessing Christ’s peace. Pray for them and help provide aid via our Web site.
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