….Speculation Rises on Rick Perry as Vice President

As Texas Gov. Rick Perry prepares for his last stand in South Carolina, speculation is rising about what will happen after Perry inevitably drops out of the race. Vice presidential speculation is starting to arise, according to the Corpus Christi Caller.

Why Perry as vice president?

If Mitt Romney is the nominee, then the conventional wisdom is he will have to go south and go right for a vice presidential running mate. Presidential nominees from Massachusetts tend to go to Texas, or at least South, for their running mates. John F. Kennedy chose his rival then-Sen. Lyndon Johnson from Texas. Michael Dukakis selected another man from Texas, then-Sen. Lloyd Bentsen. John Kerry, in 2004, chose then-Sen. John Edwards as his running mate. Edwards was not particularly conservative, but he had the Southern accent needed to balance Kerry’s Boston Brahmanisms.

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