Islamists claim early victory in Egypt’s elections

Egypt (MNN)– Although Egypt is awaiting results from its first election since its February revolution, Islamists are claiming victory. Carl Moeller with Open Doors says that’s not a surprise. “Indications are that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates are maybe going to take about 40% of the seats in the Parliament for re-elections.” It’s still early in the results, but the numbers so far reveal a trend. “Even if the numbers I said about the Muslim Brotherhood are true, it doesn’t mean that there will be a majority of people in Egypt who are pro-Democracy, pro-Christian. I think what the Christians are expecting is an increase in tension.” There are concerns about what a Muslim-dominated government might mean for Gospel workers. But Moeller says not to panic. “Religion and politics, particularly in this part of the world, are inseparable. It’s very appropriate for us to look at a religious response. A Christian response to this would primarily be a recommitment to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.”
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